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le journale de darshana

c'est dégouttant

11 October
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my name is darshana.

I will wear motorcycle boots with lace dresses.

when I watch fight club I want to jump in and get all bloody.

I'm imaginitive to the point where I often kid myself in reality.

I'm not white.

I like to use a different bowl for cereal each morning, so no one bowl feels left out.

I don't care what people think of me.

I'm a little boy inside: I like robots, I still have all my pokemon cards, I like mud, I have a closet-full of my older brothers' tees, I go to school with the hair I wake up with, and I injure myself continuously

I think I'm currently in my 'housewife in the 50's meets the Jetsons, at a rock show' phase.

I'm a senior at the fashion institute of technology

I cook, I sew, I paint, I sculpt, I draw, I stencil, I screenprint, and I bake.

I wear dresses all the time.


I don't eat anything that once had a life and problems of it's own.

vintage deco art and oriental floral watercolor paintings are my absolute favorite♥♥♥

I will play pokemon and get upset because I can never go on the st. anne.

I'm almost always wearing a bow, flower or pretty adornment in my hair.

i write rants and very personal entries as friends only.

if you add me i'll add you back, and please tell me why you added me because it's always nice to know♥

poupeegirl fashion brand community

check out lindsay's stuff, she's HELLA talented and I love her dearly♥