Darshana (darshanabear) wrote,

pcos update

my endocrinologist kind of...cut me off? basically I got all my bloodwork done that she asked me to do (3 different tests), and then she left a message at my house telling me to start seeing a gynecologist to get an ultrasound because she couldn't do anything for me. I was really angry and hurt when I heard this because I finally got comfortable seeing one doctor that knew that I may have had PCOS from the beginning and was going to treat me for it, but then just kind of changed her plans. she was like the 4th doctor I had seen and told about my problems, it's fucking tiring you know?

whatevs, so my friend recommended her gyno to me and said she was really nice and they're nearby, so I checked the place out and I got a young (not indian too! great for me because I like having doctors that don't remind me of my mother) woman and she was SO friendly and nice (unlike all the other doctors that were acting like they were doing me a favor), and when I explained everything to her, she told me that she could take care of my problems and she said that I don't have to do anymore tests and that nothing's severe so it'll be fine.

THANK YOU. finally someone tells me it's gonna be fine and there isn't some mysterious fucking thing wrong with me. I had an ultrasound but I have no idea if they found cysts or what, but I'll find out everything in 2 weeks when I see her next (because she's cray busy)

this is so nerve wracking!
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