Darshana (darshanabear) wrote,

she & him!

so yesterday was an absolute dream come true, I've been in la la land ever since. I went to my first real concert, and what better concert than She & Him at Terminal 5 in NYC! AND I love them so much that I kind of made my date wait with me for 2 hours before the show to get on line, and thanks to loads of patience, persistence, and perspiration, WE WERE FRONT ROW. I held onto that railing with dear life because I wasn't going anywhere.

Zooey was extremely adorable and M. Ward was so into the music and insane on the guitar, it was one of the best experiences in my life.The crowd was really great and I was next to some guy who was cheesin' and pinching himself if it was real, just like me. I was SO close that I could see a loose thread on the hem of Zooey's dress, and M. Ward's sweat! and Zooey's playing an ELECTRIC UKELELE!!!!!

poor Zooey had to deal with an out of tune keyboard,  but she still sang and played flawlessly the whole night

and here's the shirt I wore to the show! I made it the night before to show my support



and a video I snapped in secret cause security was breathing down our backs about photos and stuff, but zooey made a note that she was fine with photos and stuff as long as there was no flash! I was all secret squirrel about it:

life is amazing
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