Darshana (darshanabear) wrote,

where is my mind?

ice cream floats are my only friends

I lay here horizonal with my laptop resting on my tummy,
To the few people that still read this, I have not abandoned my poor poor journal
It's that time of the semester where all the work is being piled on and the stress, it keeps on-a coming, but I have a few illustrations to share soon!

New things happening are:

- trying to grow out my hair AGAIN (I spent all summer growing it, which wasn't a lot, and then cut it again in the beginning of school). I know some of you have grown out short hair, I need some hardcore advice and tips and tricks and anything to help me out! I'm not looking to get it really long, just past my jaw is my goal right now.

- going off of dairy for a while. I stocked up on my vitamins, so I'm doing this the healthy way! I need to lose some weight, I'm going to the gym again, my skin and body needs to be refreshed!

- I've decided that I want to be Guy Fieri (or atleast to have his job)

- I bought a memory foam topper for my mattress, through much envy of jes and rosana's beds. It loses it's virginity tonight, here's hoping that my bed doesn't become my best friend! (this is kind of sad that I'm even putting this on my list)

- I've been on an otis redding and cat stevens kick, soundtrack to my life right now (and NOT because of that phone commercial playing "If You Want To Sing Out" every 10 minutes, everyone needs to see Harold and Maude right this instance!)

- My brother and his wife had a kid, a little boy named Arjun a few weeks ago! I had never held a newborn before, HE IS THE MOST PRECIOUS THING EVER, I spent an hour telling him about all the places I'm going to take him to, he and I are gonna be best friends, that is if everyone else doesn't steal him away!
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