Darshana (darshanabear) wrote,

flashback moment

today was just crap, everything somehow fucked me over and I even cried, and I mean CRIED to my mom about it (who actually was really nice about it). Isn't everything great?

also, I bought a gun today.

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I love your shirt, and your gun. :D

Is it just me or is your hair a lighter color?
I put henna in it, but it's not really lighter, just a little bit redder :o
Oh. cool. I didn't know you could do that with henna. :O
yeah! henna's a natural conditioner and it's good for your hair, smells a little at first but I've taken a liking to it
I am sorry that your day sucked. Your hair is really cute, though! XOXO
thanks girlie
i love jew!! even tho we were both having really crappy days, im just so glad i had you and dee with me otherwise i would've wound up in a fetal position in the corner of my room XD and just think, if all this bad stuff can happen now then SOMETHING good has to come out of it!
YEAH, maybe something good will happen, god I hope soon
me too me too :/