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summer's ending

end of summer bonfire today, I'm gonna miss smelling like fire and roasting s'mores (without the 'shmallows for me). I think I had a pretty eventful summer, most summers I'm very secluded and I only hang out with one friends group, but I've been far more comfortable and social so I got to see all the friends I wanted to this summer, each and every one of them, and I'm so happy. movies with the friends (hangover and ponyooooooo), guitar hero in my sweaty basement, from beach to pool to beach to pool to firepit, picnics, city trip, american idol concert, six flags, baking/fondue days, flapjack marathons, hayao miyazaki marathons, late night ihop runs, playground at night, crafting sessions with the warmth of the sun hitting my skin through the window, huddling up in a blanket fort with the a/c on full blast, and just being lazy passing the days.

I'm gonna miss you summer, but fall is my favorite time of year (my birthday, halloween, small town harvesty things) I'm very excited.
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