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granny activities

this is what the inside of my head looks like

this was fun, but sadly these aren't even all the flowery things I have, and just IMAGINE the other kinds of prints I own!

I was up late making shrinky dinks, who knows what brought the sudden urge on, but I'm absolutely addicted.

we actually learned how to make these little virtual flower bouquets in photoshop, and I never really thought it would be useful, well they make for good shrinky dinks. Expect more of these in the future


very tiny batman charm, I wanted it to be bigger. FAIL. still cute though

went to 6 flags a little over a week ago, and I was really hoping to find a batman purse, but nyet. I got this shirt, a men's medium. I made it my size and gave it a girlier neckline. Handsewn (UGGHHH)

my jacket REALLY needed somethin' awesome, so I stenciled a bat

cotton eyelet dress I got from the gap last summerish, and I made an octopus patch thing and sewed it on.

pretty deco heels I thrifted for a dollar. They're fairly low heels too, so yay comfort!

80's velvet 60's inspired wiggle dress. It fits me like a GLOVE, and the huge boatneck makes it look very pretty in pink (I can pull it down past my shoulders), instead of matronly I think.

this is officially my new favorite purse

from erickabasile.etsy.com

I'm kind of a whore for vera


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