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pcos update [02 Jul 2012|04:34am]
my endocrinologist kind of...cut me off? basically I got all my bloodwork done that she asked me to do (3 different tests), and then she left a message at my house telling me to start seeing a gynecologist to get an ultrasound because she couldn't do anything for me. I was really angry and hurt when I heard this because I finally got comfortable seeing one doctor that knew that I may have had PCOS from the beginning and was going to treat me for it, but then just kind of changed her plans. she was like the 4th doctor I had seen and told about my problems, it's fucking tiring you know?

whatevs, so my friend recommended her gyno to me and said she was really nice and they're nearby, so I checked the place out and I got a young (not indian too! great for me because I like having doctors that don't remind me of my mother) woman and she was SO friendly and nice (unlike all the other doctors that were acting like they were doing me a favor), and when I explained everything to her, she told me that she could take care of my problems and she said that I don't have to do anymore tests and that nothing's severe so it'll be fine.

THANK YOU. finally someone tells me it's gonna be fine and there isn't some mysterious fucking thing wrong with me. I had an ultrasound but I have no idea if they found cysts or what, but I'll find out everything in 2 weeks when I see her next (because she's cray busy)

this is so nerve wracking!
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garage sale post! [15 Aug 2011|04:39am]

selling clothes practically new, worn once cute clothing in need of new homes!
take a look!

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[25 Jun 2011|07:44pm]
I had been holding onto that scott pilgrim bracelet, knowing that someday I'd give it to someone I quite fancy
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enid meets wednesday addams [04 Jun 2011|03:18am]
man I miss livejournal so much, I wish this place wasn't such a deadzone though </3

but here, first outfit post of the summer!

meat me on tumblr!
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finally! [09 Aug 2010|05:16pm]
finally I got around to finishing my black lolita converse!
I used black lace, two different types of grey/black glass pearls, black ribbon ties, and 3 swarovski crystals on back of each shoe.
these are my favorite thing to make, and I really would love to make them in all sorts of styles and colors, and maybe I will!
I have them up for sale in my etsy shop: Pictureposy   




I've kind of been kicking it at my Blog lately, but I'm gonna try to get back into my livejournal now, promise :(

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she & him! [08 Jul 2010|02:59am]

so yesterday was an absolute dream come true, I've been in la la land ever since. I went to my first real concert, and what better concert than She & Him at Terminal 5 in NYC! AND I love them so much that I kind of made my date wait with me for 2 hours before the show to get on line, and thanks to loads of patience, persistence, and perspiration, WE WERE FRONT ROW. I held onto that railing with dear life because I wasn't going anywhere.

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heyaheyahey! [05 Jul 2010|03:11am]
happy fourth!!!!!!! Today I hung out with some good friends and we had a BBQ and campfire, and then drove down to the beach at night and sat on the top of my friend's convertible and watched the fireworks, I'd say it was an awesome day :)

this is what I wore! dress and leather belt pouch are vintage, shoes are from f21. Just cause I don't think I've posted any of my outfits on here, I'll spam them now

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life update [11 Mar 2010|01:47am]
just schoolin' and foolin'

my photoshop skills are getting better and better, let me tell you. Too bad photoshopping heads onto bodies isn't really a job...unless it is, and then I'll be filthy rich.

oh and the cause of all these recent clumps of celebrity deaths? I think the Manson Family is making a comeback
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I love Tim & Eric [09 Feb 2010|12:13am]

and I love Will Forte. That is all.
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Girl Power [18 Jan 2010|02:05am]
My head will always be in a fantasy world because of all the awesome things I've watched as a kid, they've still stuck in my head all these years because frankly, I'm obsessed. Everything I buy usually reminds me of one of my favorite characters from something, or has some ridiculous cartoon-y aspect to it which I love (If I was ever on What Not to Wear, they'd probably think I was nuts). Everyone knows that I love Batman and the Justice League, but my favorite gadgetry has to be on Sailor Moon and Totally Spies.

Totally Spies is extremely girly, and I love it. They have some of the coolest gadgets ever and I want all of them! Sadly, it's not that hugely popular of a show so there aren't many toys for it :(

scanner watches and com-powders, jetpack-backpacks, laser lipsticks, and really cute uniforms. Everything is pink and purple and has hearts and flowers, haha

Nothing tops Sailor Moon though, it is the girliest most badass-ly romantic fighting show. I love everything about it, the whole group of heroines and villains are all so different and cool. And since Sailor Moon is extremely popular everywhere, they have SO MUCH AWESOME MERCHANDISE. They're rare and not cheap because they've been out of production for like 10 years. I bought a light up locket on ebay and I'm so excited, I've wanted one ever since I was 6.

sailor moon herself had the best transformation lockets ever, and I love how everyone's transformation item would change from season to season

fun fact: ever since I was little and watched this show, I've shaped my nails super nicely just like theirs, every time.

I love being a girl ♥
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[10 Jan 2010|04:10am]

I'm the silly girl buying spring dresses during the beginning of winter, but I couldn't help myself! I ♥ polka dots + scalloped patterns

I've been kicking back lately, seeing my friends, and watching a few 50's movies, one of my favorites being "How To Marry a Millionaire" with Lauren Bacall, Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe.

I do want school to start now, please.

p.s. I think I'm getting better about posting here, don't you think ?
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I love Doris Day [01 Jan 2010|02:18am]

such a talented and classy lady!
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art dump! [30 Dec 2009|12:51am]
I apologize for being bad with commenting, but I'm on winter break now! It seems everyone's kinda left el-jay, but it's s'all gooda. I've been spending these days pretending to be a princess, playing with my nephew, and being an idiot (which is always fun).  Me and my friends saw The Princess and The Frog, and I was so excited I thought I was gonna pee and cry. Go see it :)

just feel like posting random sketchies and drawings (NSFW for one of them, p33n alert) I did for college these past few months, enjoy!
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where is my mind? [30 Nov 2009|12:13am]

ice cream floats are my only friends

I lay here horizonal with my laptop resting on my tummy,
To the few people that still read this, I have not abandoned my poor poor journal
It's that time of the semester where all the work is being piled on and the stress, it keeps on-a coming, but I have a few illustrations to share soon!

New things happening are:

- trying to grow out my hair AGAIN (I spent all summer growing it, which wasn't a lot, and then cut it again in the beginning of school). I know some of you have grown out short hair, I need some hardcore advice and tips and tricks and anything to help me out! I'm not looking to get it really long, just past my jaw is my goal right now.

- going off of dairy for a while. I stocked up on my vitamins, so I'm doing this the healthy way! I need to lose some weight, I'm going to the gym again, my skin and body needs to be refreshed!

- I've decided that I want to be Guy Fieri (or atleast to have his job)

- I bought a memory foam topper for my mattress, through much envy of jes and rosana's beds. It loses it's virginity tonight, here's hoping that my bed doesn't become my best friend! (this is kind of sad that I'm even putting this on my list)

- I've been on an otis redding and cat stevens kick, soundtrack to my life right now (and NOT because of that phone commercial playing "If You Want To Sing Out" every 10 minutes, everyone needs to see Harold and Maude right this instance!)

- My brother and his wife had a kid, a little boy named Arjun a few weeks ago! I had never held a newborn before, HE IS THE MOST PRECIOUS THING EVER, I spent an hour telling him about all the places I'm going to take him to, he and I are gonna be best friends, that is if everyone else doesn't steal him away!
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birfday [11 Oct 2009|02:08am]
I'm 19 years old today! when's it supposed to kick in?
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flashback moment [04 Sep 2009|11:50pm]
today was just crap, everything somehow fucked me over and I even cried, and I mean CRIED to my mom about it (who actually was really nice about it). Isn't everything great?

also, I bought a gun today.

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summer's ending [26 Aug 2009|12:40am]

end of summer bonfire today, I'm gonna miss smelling like fire and roasting s'mores (without the 'shmallows for me). I think I had a pretty eventful summer, most summers I'm very secluded and I only hang out with one friends group, but I've been far more comfortable and social so I got to see all the friends I wanted to this summer, each and every one of them, and I'm so happy. movies with the friends (hangover and ponyooooooo), guitar hero in my sweaty basement, from beach to pool to beach to pool to firepit, picnics, city trip, american idol concert, six flags, baking/fondue days, flapjack marathons, hayao miyazaki marathons, late night ihop runs, playground at night, crafting sessions with the warmth of the sun hitting my skin through the window, huddling up in a blanket fort with the a/c on full blast, and just being lazy passing the days.

I'm gonna miss you summer, but fall is my favorite time of year (my birthday, halloween, small town harvesty things) I'm very excited.
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[23 Aug 2009|01:03am]

people let me tell ya 'bout my bessttt frienndd 
(my mouth totally looks like a cartoon cut out or something)

well other than stupid family drama, I've been having some nice few days, I'm on this giddy high right now back from a fun cuddly day and I want it to stay like this. I've been looking and feeling healthy, keeping busy with beautiful people, and actually sewing things I've put off for a long time. I can't wait to put my positive energy towards school soon and my lovely FIT friends. Next week is my last week of summer vacation cause next sunday I move in, so let's make it amazing :)!
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[21 Aug 2009|12:18am]
it's not enough that I have to deal with crazy family members in my own home and the states, BUT I have crazy family members in India stalking my facebook/myspace and trying to find me a husband.

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granny activities [16 Aug 2009|06:33pm]

this is what the inside of my head looks like
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